How To Live, Dream, And Plan In Era Of Uncertainty

How to plan if everything changes? What if you feel panic? What skills to pump and what professions will be in demand in the future?

How to Plan If Everything Is Constantly Changing


As the classics said, a plan is nothing, planning is everything. Planning is valuable because it creates clarity and helps move things off the ground. When the speed of change is high, flexible planning helps. What is called agile? This is when you plan in short sections: usually a week in advance. You have goals for the week: a calendar of appointments for the week, a list of tasks for the week. At the end of the week, you take stock. At the beginning of the next, you are already planning it. Of course, the weekly plan may change, but you have the opportunity to take this into account very quickly.

What skills to pump today to be in demand at any time

Soft skills – It is the ability to hear and listen to oneself and others. The ability to reflect – to look at decisions and actions from the side and learn from them. The ability to constructively and environmentally give and receive feedback. This is not a complete list, but rather a starting point for researching the topic.

What to do if clear plans cause panic and discomfort

Maybe some other planning method works for you. We are all different and therefore there are no universal methods that suit everyone. Try to remember your successful projects, significant achievements. And think about how you achieved these results. What exactly did you do at the very beginning, what then. And so you are likely to find a certain algorithm or method that works just for you.

What to do if you planned and everything collapsed: how to survive stress

You can start with the elementary – get up early. Here you will find the book The Miracle Morning useful. This book has not just become a bestseller. It is based on a simple idea: how you start the morning – so spend the day. When you wake up and perform certain rituals, you start a chain of actions: you got up, washed, made up the bed, did exercises, cooked breakfast, checked the plan of the day, took a walk. And now the clock is still morning, and you have already done seven things. This drive runs your whole day.


The second thing that helps is to keep your mind in good shape. For this, it is important to learn to create and consume quality content. There are activities that are based on the principle of “process for the sake of the process”, for example, playing games, walking or meeting friends. There you need to enjoy the moment. But there are actions that should cause reflection and lead to some kind of result. This is why it is important to watch quality films, read quality books, listen to quality podcasts, and take quality courses.All this fills us, gives rise to thoughts, makes a person more interesting and creates a solid foundation that will help to stay in times of crisis.

If you feel stress, then you definitely need to “kick” it out of the body, otherwise it will remain there and will not go anywhere. The most reliable way is physical activity. Yoga, running, squats, dancing, sex – all this will do.

What to do if you feel a panic


Fear is a normal reaction to sudden changes. If you are in a panic, think about what would make you feel better. From understanding which industries are actively growing now? From the fact that you have friends or colleagues who can recommend you to someone? As soon as you understand what exactly bothers you the most, think about what 1-2 small steps you can take to advance in these matters. The strongest fear in us, as a rule, is the unknown. And when the fog dissipates, it turns out that we are in a beautiful and interesting new place.

And what professions in the near future will be more popular

Here we can only speculate. For example, the IT sphere and everything connected with it will surely develop. Medicine and biology. Many functions will gradually be automated – those using algorithms – so some professions will not be so needed. Spheres in which it is necessary to invent and invent something will remain in demand. People need communication, so professions, where the important part is personal communication, will surely remain. This applies to mentors, trainers, tutors, guides and sellers who work not only in scripts. The path of mankind already lies in many ways in revealing its own potential, and this is likely to remain unchanged.

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